June 25th - Community Associations -- From Development to Transition and Beyond

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 9:00 AM to 12:30 PMspeaker
Location: The New Jersey Law Center, 1 Constitution Square, New Brunswick, NJ
Moderator: Christine F. Li, Esq., Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP (Woodbridge)

Lawyers practicing in the area of community association law usually deal with operations and issues affecting condominium and planned communities after the developer or sponsor has completed the development and is no longer involved.  But, there are many issues faced by associations while the developer is building and selling homes in the community that challenge both developers and homeowners serving on the boards of the associations, and the lawyers representing them. 

This program will deliver an understanding from "A" to "Z" of the relationship between the developer and association -- from the proposed development of a community, to the transition of control of the governing board to the homeowners and, finally, to the sell-out of the community.  Learn about the structuring of communities, the significance and drafting of documents, the financial accounting and management concerns in the development and transition process, the requirements of governmental agencies regulating the communities, the rights and obligations of the developer and the association, and the remedies available to the developer and the association.

If you currently community associations or developers and sponsors of communities, or are beginning a practice in this area, this program will provide you with valuable information. Join our experienced panel of New Jersey authorities as they discuss legal issues involving:

Project registration with the Department of Community Affairs, and other regulatory requirementsStructuring projects and drafting documents Financial concerns and responsibilities in communities under development -  funding cash flow and deficits, maintaining adequate reserves, and the responsibility of developersManagement of communities under development Dealing with "distressed" or "broken" projectsThe transition process, and the turnover of control of the board to ownersServing as legal counsel for the associationConflicting interests of the developer and owner members of the BoardResolving disputes between the association and the developerWhen to litigate

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