IRS LIHC Newsletters

IRS LIHC Sept 2014, Issue #56: Audit Technique Guide, Building Identification Numbers, Eligible Basis

IRS LIHC Apr 2014, Issue #55: Foreclosures, Utility Allowances, Noncompliance Correction Period

IRS LIHC Dec 2013, Issue #54: Income Qualified Households

IRS LIHC Oct 2013, Issue #53: Developer Fees, 1602 Funds, Minimum Set Aside

IRS LIHC Aug 2013, Issue #52: Tax Exempt Bond Issuance Costs

IRS LIHC Apr 2013, Issue #51: Impact Fees and Dedicated Improvements, Credit Compliance and Extended Use Periods

IRS LIHC Dec 2012, Issue #50: Hurricane Sandy, Pre-Contract Analysis, 2013 Income Limits and Inflation Adjustments

IRS LIHC Sept 2012, Issue #49: Credit Recapture, Utility Allowances

IRS LIHC Mar 2012, Issue #48: Income Limits, Suitability for Occupancy, Dispositions in year 11

IRS LIHC Dec 2011, Issue #47: AMGI and MTSP Income Limits, Impact Fees, Certification to State

IRS LIHC Oct 2011, Issue #46: First-Year Certification, Credit Recapture

IRS LIHC Jul 2011, Issue #45: BIN, Utility Allowances, Year 11 Credit

IRS LIHC May 2011, Issue #44: Verifying Income and Assets, IRS Audits

IRS LIHC Feb 2011, Issue #43: Suitability for Occupancy

IRS LIHC Nov 2010, Issue #42: Compliance Monitoring

IRS LIHC Sept 2010, Issue #41: Auditing Partners, Disallowing and Recapturing Credits

IRS LIHC Aug 2010, Issue #40: Auditing the Applicable Fraction for the First Year, Documentation and Record Retention

IRS LIHC Apr 2010, Issue #39: Auditing Eligible Basis

IRS LIHC Dec 2009, Issue #38: Preparing Information Document Requests

IRS LIHC Oct 2009, Issue #37: Filing Tax Returns for LIHC Owners, Certification for the First Year of Credit

IRS LIHC Jul 2009, Issue #36: Notice 2009-44, Treatment of Off-Site Improvements

IRS LIHC May 2009, Issue #35: New Income Limits, Damage by Casualty Events

IRS LIHC Mar 2009, Issue #34: Common Questions and Answers

IRS LIHC Dec 2008, Issue #33: Summary of Recent IRS Notices, Revenue Rulings and Revenue Procedures

IRS LIHC Oct 2008, Issue #32: Annual Income Recertification Rules for 100% LIHC Projects

IRS LIHC Jul 2008, Issue #31: Owners Certification for First Year of Credit Period

IRS LIHC Jun 2008, Issue #30: Partnerships and Credit Allocations

IRS LIHC Feb 2008, Issue #29: Student Rule for Single Parents, Annual Reporting Requirement, Accountants Questions

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