2016 Alerts

International Commerce Alert: Recent Court Case Enables the IRS to More Easily Impose Penalties for Failure to Disclose Foreign Bank Accounts
Tax Alert: 2017 Standard Mileage Rates for Business, Medical and Moving Announced
CIRA-Tax Alert: Additional Information Reporting Required with 2016 Form 1098
Tax Alert: IRS Simplifies the Process for Correcting Late Rollovers between Retirement Accounts
Tax Alert: Form 1099 Reporting Reminder for all Businesses 2016
CIRA-Tax Alert: NJ Transportation Trust Fund Compromise Includes Several Tax Cuts
HR Alert: FLSA Overtime Rule Halted Days Before Deadline
SALT Alert: New Jersey Reinstates Reciprocal Agreement with Pennsylvania
Tax Alert: Taxpayers No Longer Need to Attach Copy of Section 83(b) Election to Form 1040
Tax Alert: 2017 Retirement Plan and Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments Announced
SALT Alert: Michigan Eliminates Flow-Through Entity Withholding Requirement
SALT Alert: North Carolina Enacts Legislation Impacting Intangible Holding Companies
SALT Alert: Oklahoma Enacts Sales and Use Tax Remote Seller Rebuttable Nexus Presumption and Use Tax Notification Provisions
SALT Alert: Ohio Supreme Court Holds That Nonresident Taxpayer's Gain From the Sale of an LLC Interest is Not Subject to Ohio Income Tax
Tax Alert: NJ Transportation Trust Fund Compromise Includes Several Tax Cuts
Tax Alert: New Jersey Announces Intention to Terminate Reciprocal Agreement with Pennsylvania
HR Alert: New FLSA Overtime Rule
International Commerce Alert: Does Your ITIN Need To Be Renewed?
Tax Alert: IRS Issues Guidance for when a Developer can Exclude Cancellation of Debt Income
Tax Alert: Self-Insurance Health Plan Fee Reporting due July 31, 2016
SALT Alert: Connecticut Adopts Market Sourcing For Corporation and Personal Income Tax, and Single Sales Factor for Personal Income Tax
Tax Alert: H.R. 3832 Passed by House to Help Victims of Identity Theft and Tax Fraud
International Commerce Alert: 2015 Foreign Financial Account Report (FinCEN Form 114) Should Be Submitted Electronically No Later Than June 30, 2016
SALT Alert: New Guidance Issued for Tennessee's Sales and Use Tax for Remotely Accessed Software
SALT Alert: States Continue to Aggressively Apply Sales and Use Tax Nexus to Remote Sellers
Tax Alert: Managing and Preventing Tax-Related Identity Theft
Tax Alert: Hobby Loss: Don't Take It Personally
Real Estate Alert: New Financial Statement Reporting Requirements for Leases - Will Future Tenant/Landlord Lease Negotiations be Impacted?
SALT Alert: Modifications to New Jersey Personal Income Tax Regulations
International Commerce Alert: How the U.S. Taxes Income Received by Non-Citizens
Tax Alert: Appeals Court Upholds Tax Court Ruling Subjecting Tax Credits to Disguised Sales Rules
Tax Alert: Spear Phishing Scams Target Your Money and Personal Information
Affordable Care Act Alert: Will My Company Be Subject to the Obamacare Shared Responsibility Provisions?
International Commerce Alert: United States Opens Door to Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements ("Bilateral APAs") with India
Tax Alert: Congress Extends Popular Green Energy Incentives
LIHTC Alert: Freddie Mac Loan Programs Benefit Affordable Housing Projects
International Commerce Alert: USA and India to Accept Bilateral Advanced Pricing Agreements Beginning February 16 2016
SALT Alert: Connecticut Corporate and Individual Tax Changes for 2016
SALT Alert: Alabama Department of Revenue Issues Notice Reminding Taxpayers of the State's Sales/Use Tax Economic Nexus Provision
International Commerce Alert: Major Reforms to the Foreign Investment in Real Estate Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)
SALT Alert: California Court of Appeal Has Held That the Board of Equalization Erred in its Assessment of Sales Taxes on Sales of Software Transferred Via Tangible Media Pursuant to a Technology Transfer Agreement
SALT Alert: Illinois Circuit Court Holds That Significant Economic Presence is Proper Test for Corporate Income Tax Nexus
Tax Alert: Form 1099 Reporting Reminder for Businesses
SALT Alert: Impact of New York State Corporate Tax Reform on New York S Corporations and their Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Shareholders
Tax Alert: 2016 Mileage Rates for Business, Medical, and Moving Announced
SALT Alert: Notice Requirements for Philadelphia Employers
Tax Alert: Court Ruling Provides More Flexibility for Meeting the 'Real Estate Professional Test'
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