Benefits and Perks

Paid Time Off

  • Paid Time Off Staff accumulate a total of 26 days a year to use for illness, vacation, and holidays. After five years with the firm, employees enjoy an added five days for a total of 31 days a year.

Health & Wellness

  • Medical (HRA Supplement), Dental, Vision Insurance & Flexible Spending Plan If an employee is employed by the firm on a regular, full-time basis, or working a minimum of 25 hours per week, the employee, the employee’s spouse, and children are eligible for these coverages. The firm will absorb 50 percent of the cost of coverage. The employee’s portion will be a pre-tax payroll deduction.
      • komen Medical Insurance: The firm has implemented a high deductible plan in an effort to moderate the cost of health insurance, along with substantial funding of the deductible to keep the employee share as low as possible. The firm currently offers two plans (Horizon EPO & Direct Assess PPO) with different costs and benefits to meet varying needs of staff. Wilkin & Guttenplan’s medical plans are supplemented by an employer funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). The employee pays the first $500 for single coverage/$1,000 for family (employee + dependent) coverage of out of pocket expenses that Horizon has applied to the deductible. Wilkin & Guttenplan will provide the remaining funding of $2,000 single/$4,000 family for services applied to the medical deductible.
      • Dental Insurance: The firm currently offers a dual-plan (Aetna Freedom-of-Choice plan), which allows employees to choose between the DMO and PPO plans on a monthly basis. The firm will absorb 50 percent of the cost of the insurance premium. The employee’s portion will be a pre-tax payroll deduction.
      • Vision Insurance: The firm currently offers a Horizon Panorama III B Plan. The firm will absorb 50 percent of the cost of the insurance premium. The employee’s portion will be a pre-tax payroll deduction.
      • Flexible Spending Plan (FSA/DCA): W&G has instituted a Section 125 Plan. This plan allows employees to pay on a pre-tax basis for IRS approved Medical and Dependent Care expenses. Participants in the plan are able to reduce their actual out-of-pocket costs; savings will vary depending on the employee’s particular tax bracket and the IRS plan limits.
  • Health & Wellness Discounts The firm medical plan offers Blue 365, which goes beyond health insurance by providing special member values on services such as gym memberships, weight loss programs, travel programs, family care, free flu shots, vision and hearing benefits.

Additional Financial Benefits

  • Compensation Schedule Employees are compensated, and expenses reimbursed, semi-monthly (immediately following the 15th and last day of month). Direct deposit is available to all employees.
  • 401K Plan If the employee meets the plan’s eligibility requirements, the employee becomes a participant in the firm's profit sharing 401(K) plan. Employees are eligible for the benefit on the next enrollment date following six months of employment and must work a minimum of 1,000 hours per year to be in the plan. The enrollment dates are January 1 and July 1. Under this plan, the firm will match 50% of the employee's contribution up to 4% of salary. Employees may defer additional amounts of salary as specified in the plan. This is the current benefit level and subject to change.
  • Life Insurance Employees are covered if they are employed by the firm on a regular, full-time basis, or working a minimum of 25 hours per week. The amount of insurance is $25,000 or $50,000 depending on your job classification.
  • Long-Term Disability Employees are covered under this plan if they are employed by the firm on a regular, full-time basis, or working a minimum of 25 hours per week. The amounts paid by the firm on the employee’s behalf will be reported on the employee’s W-2.
  • ice creamLoan Program W&G provides interest-free loans to staff wishing to purchase a personal home computer, exercise equipment or advance funds for repairs resulting in casualty damages caused by weather-related incidents.
  • Professional Dues W&G pays annual dues for the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • CPA Exam Reimbursements & CPA Review Discount Program The firm pays for time spent sitting for the CPA exam, up to a cumulative maximum of six days. In addition, the firm has arranged for its staff to receive a discount on the cost of a CPA review course. The firm will advance funds (interest free) to assist with the covering these costs upon commencement of employment.
  • CPA Exam Bonus Program Entry level accounting and tax staff who pass all four parts of the CPA exam in their first year of employment are entitled to a bonus in the amount of $4,000. The bonus award to be paid is reduced by $1,000 each year after the first year of employment.
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) The firm schedules in-house programs and provides CPE training at outside programs at the firm’s expense. Customized CPE plans are jointly developed to facilitate staff growth.
  • Advanced Degree Tuition Assistance The firm supports individuals who wish to continue their education in order to attain increased knowledge, responsibility, and growth in their area of specialization. The firm has established a Tuition Assistance program to assist eligible individuals with tuition costs incurred toward an advanced degree.

Leadership & Development

  • Employee Referral Program (for new employees) Holiday Pary 2Employees who recruit new employees receive bonuses ranging from $2,500-$5,000.
  • Employee Referral Program (for new clients) Employees who bring in new clients receive 10% of fees collected for a specified time frame.
  • New Hire Buddy Program For new hires, the firm has a buddy program. During their first year as an employee the new staff member is partnered with one or two slightly more senior staff members who help them transition into their career.
  • Coaching Program Staff members are assigned a development coach. Development coaches meet with coachees one-on-one to create a development plan, including both professional and personal goals. The program is modeled, so that it encourages staff to identify their growth challenges while taking ownership of their future within a framework where the coach can help them tackle these challenges and clear the pathway for career advancement. A personalized, tailored CPE plan is formulated with input from staff and guidance by the coach.
  • Leadership Development Training Management facilitates staff leadership and professional growth. The leadership development initiative at W&G is tailored to needs of staff levels and is aimed at developing the future leaders of the firm.
  • Soft Skills Training W&G offers training on various topics relating to soft skills. Topics covered in the past have included time management, business writing, presentation/ supervision/ leadership skills, marketing and networking.
  • New Staff On-Boarding This program is designed to help integrate and acclimate new employees when they begin at the firm. It starts with a welcome package that is sent to the employee’s home before their first day at work and includes other welcoming activities.
  • Culture Committee A team of our staff that collectively work toward maintaining a culture of a happy, fun (sometimes hysterical) workplace responsive to the non- technical cultural and relationship driven excellence of the firm.
  • Professional Growth Academy The Professional Growth Academy program encompasses customized training sessions and meetings, which include: General Firm Training (Audit, Tax, Technical, Soft Skills, Leadership) • Specialized Programs (special purpose webinars, presentations) • Individual/Small Group Training (Lunch & Learns, Personal CPA Plan) • Staff Level & Department Group Meetings • External Programs (CPE, CLE) • Library & Publications (W&G authored, in-house book library, articles)
  • Advisory Council Beyond the traditional open-door policy, we have established an advisory council with staff representatives from every level who meet regularly to bring issues and suggestions to management.
  • Future Council We recognize that we are a multigenerational firm. We have a Future Council program where everyone on our staff from supervisor level and below is included. The topics of discussion center on the view of the firm 5 to 10 years out, how we might practice, and what a role model partner might look like. We believe this delivers the message that we want to start knowing their perspectives now and plan for their futures.
  • NexGen Program Our NexGen program is an experiential learning program from partners to take younger team members on new business opportunities or client meetings. These younger team members may not need to attend for engagement purposes, but they will experience the types of situations they may face as they progress in their careers.

Additional Perks

  • New Homeowner Gift Certificate First time homeowners receive a gift certificate to Home Depot from the firm to welcome them to their new home.
  • Bright Idea Rewards Staff members are encouraged to submit innovative ideas relating to any area of the firm. If their suggested improvement/“bright idea” is implemented, the staff member is rewarded with an American Express Gift Certificate.
  • Summer Afternoon Ice Cream Truck The heat of the summer brings the ice cream man to the W&G parking lot every Thursday afternoon. The firm provides ice cream and ice treats for the staff.
  • Daily Healthy Snack Offerings & Beverages Snack baskets filled with an assortment of healthy snacks are replenished every afternoon. In addition each kitchen is stocked daily with a variety of fruits and nuts. A stocked beverage center is filled with a variety of beverage selections.
  • Assignment Scheduling We recognize the critical elements to scheduling including skill development, learning from assignments and from different in charges, locations, industries, workload levels and staff interest. We ubeachse sophisticated scheduling software together with proactive involvement by our firm administrator and scheduling team.
  • Flexible Work Schedules We work with each employee to tailor their workload and schedule to find a balance that works best for them and the firm. Each employee has ownership of their schedules and able to voice opinions/concerns regarding opportunities they would like to participate in and challenges they would like to pursue.
  • Summer Fridays Who doesn’t love summer? The firm has adopted a Summer Fridays policy, where the office is officially closed from Fourth of July through Labor Day. Unless client obligations dictate you work (client service still comes first!) enjoy three-day weekends all summer long.
  • Various Group Task Force Opportunities We believe in soliciting feedback from our staff on any changes that will affect them. Any time the firm looks to roll out new procedures, software or other implementations, staff members are invited to participate in task forces. Participants can play a part in creating firm policy and guidelines, contribute to the roll out and act as testers.
  • Jeans Friday Creating the best looking group of professionals in jeans.
  • Busy Season Dinners During busy season, dinner is on us! Dinner is typically ordered in at least four nights a week.
  • Annual Holiday Party & Annual Summer Outing The firm holds an annual holiday party in December and holds a firm outing during the summer. These events are filled with loads of interactive, team-building fun while incorporating some type of theme/activities.
  • Staff Anniversary Celebrations Employee anniversaries that are milestones (five, ten, 15, 20 and 25 years) are recognized publicly at staff meetings and are usually accompanied by a firm-wide celebration.
  • Staff Meetings The firm holds staff, supervisor and manager meetings with the managing shareholder. In addition, meetings for the tax, audit and administrative departments are coordinated.
  • Community Service Projects The firm actively believes in giving back to the community. To that end, we have a number of community service projects we hold throughout the year (Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, toy, food & blood drives, Komen Race for the Cure) as well as other firm and staff initiated fundraisers. Staff are encouraged to give back to the community through individual initiatives as well.
  • Lunches with Managing Shareholder Our Managing Shareholder makes it a point to take staff members out to lunch regularly in order to talk with them about their life at the firm, to encourage them to share their new ideas and to supplement coaching discussions.
  • Boat Cruises and Fishing Trips with the Managing Shareholder Groups of staff and interns have opportunities to board the GuttSea and cruise the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers, take pictures around the Statue ogregf Liberty, dock and dine at Chelsea Piers and fish around Sandy Hook with our managing shareholder. See photos on Facebook.
  • Happy Hours & In-Office CelebrationsVarious planned staff gatherings are scheduled throughout the year to unwind both during and after a day of work. We also celebrate lesser-known national holidays throughout the year.
  • Concierge Services We recognize that being busy professionals sometimes makes it hard for staff to take care of all of their daily personal errands and therefore, we offer concierge services during certain time periods. Services we offer include:Lunch orders are arranged and placed • Dry cleaning services • Car wash
  • Physical Fitness & Nutrition On-site core strengthening classes via The Focus T25 Workout program are offered during busy season. Members of our staff come together to participate in this full body workout, which incorporates strength and jump training as well as some resistance techniques for short periods of time per session. Also, on occasion, the firm will bring in a nutritionist or health professional to speak on health and nutrition.
  • Technology The latest in technology and software, including laptops, multiple monitors, portable scanners. Remote access technology is provided to all staff for working at home. The firm operates in a “paperless” environment as it relates to tax, audit and administrative processes.
  • Facilities The newly renovated office space provides staff with a fresh, new clean work environment with new office furnishings, workstations, employee lounge and other office amenities with state of the art technology communication and equipment.
  • Optional In-Office Saturdays During busy season, staff have the ability to work from home instead of commuting to the office. This allows for greater flexibility for the entire team.


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