From Intern to Partner

Debbie Norwicke  no earringsDeborah A. Norwicke, CPA, Shareholder

At Wilkin & Guttenplan, we pride ourselves on having a well-defined process that ensures opportunities for advancement, while offering our employees the guidance and support necessary for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our ability to provide this environment for success is exemplified by Deborah A. Norwicke, CPA.

When Debbie started her winter internship with W&G in 1988, little did she imagine that she would one day become a partner in the firm. But, in fact, that's exactly what happened.

"My internship gave me many valuable experiences and convinced me that W&G was where I wanted to start my career," says Debbie. "Even after I finished my internship, I continued to work part-time for the firm while I finished earning my degree at Rider University. The partners and staff were full of such enthusiasm and energy that I knew this was the place for me."

Finding Your Future Through Your Internship

By Elizabeth Perry, Staff Accountant

What do you want your career path to look like?

That's a broad question, but once you sit down and think about it, your answers might come easier than you think.  For me, I knew I wanted a career in public accounting at a small to medium sized firm where I could see myself in the long term.  I wanted a place that would appreciate my thoughts, value me as an employee and support a work life balance.  That seems like a big 'wish list' for a student searching for a career opportunity in this economy, but if you have nothing to strive for, you'll settle for less.

My First Year Experience

By Adam Panella, Staff Accountant

College Concerns

I remember entering my freshman year of college wondering what my experience as an undergraduate would be like. I knew I was going to have classes, homework, projects and exams, but I was unsure about the rest. Upon graduation I had similar concerns about what my first year as a professional would entail.

As an intern at Wilkin & Guttenplan I was able to get a feel for the company, culture, and people as well as an understanding of the public accounting world. I had enjoyed the program and knew a full time position would be even more fulfilling. However, I still had several concerns which seemed to be shared among my peers.

Career Center

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