NJ CPA: Business Valuation Considerations in M&A

Shareholder William J. McDevitt, CPA, CVA was featured William McDevitt  A4496903in this article that originally appeared in NJCPA.

"Every few months I get a call from someone planning to sell their business asking for a valuation report on the business. Rarely does that report ever get written. What the owners of a business who are considering selling need is very different than a written valuation report, which is typically prepared for non-transactional purposes, such as litigation or estate and gift purposes."

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The Times of India: Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report filing for Indian Americans: 10 things to keep in mind

Vinay 97984Shareholder Vinay S. Navani was featured in this article that originally appeared in The Times of India.

As the US cracks down on foreign bank and financial accounts, it only means one thing for Indian Americans - more reporting! If you thought you were done with this year's reporting when you filed your tax returns in April, you probably forgot about the FBAR - Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report.

The FBAR is a report to be filed in addition to your tax return. For 2011, you must file the FBAR if you were a US resident or citizen and had, at any time in 2011, an aggregate balance of more than $10,000 in all your overseas bank and financial accounts. The due date for the 2011 FBAR is June 30th 2012.

Solar Energy Tax Credits: What does it mean for my apartment complex?

Shareholder Vinay Navani, CPA, MBA, MST was Vinay 97984featured in this article that originally appeared in New Jersey Apartment Association.

As an apartment owner, energy costs probably account for a large (and growing!) part of your monthly expenses. Considering this, it's easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding the benefits of solar and renewable energy versus more traditional energy sources. Solar Energy Tax Credits


Published: Aug 2009

The Cooperator: Year End Housekeeping

Jules Frankel  A4496678Shareholder Jules C. Frankel was featured in this article that originally appeared in The Cooperator.

Organizing and keeping a co-op or condo's books and other records is, on the surface, not that different than keeping a budget for one's home.

But there are many important differences—filing deadlines, tax requirements, reports, avoiding costly penalties and more.

Email Stopwatch: Interview Series with Successful CPA Firms – Part 4 with Ed Guttenplan of Wilkin and Guttenplan, PC

A4496700ret email

Managing Shareholder Ed Guttenplan was featured in this article that originally appeared in Email Stopwatch

The fourth interview in our interview series at Email Stopwatch, Run Your CPA Firm Like A Business, is with Ed Guttenplan of Wilkin and Guttenplan, PC.

Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C., is one of New Jersey's top 20 accounting firms and was co-founded by Ed Guttenplan almost 30 years ago. In addition to his administrative duties, Ed provides a wide array of accounting, tax and business advisory services to several industries including construction, food service, manufacturing, technology, engineering, medical, dental, and sales.

Mann Publications: Key Questions When Reviewing A Building's Annual Financial Statements

Annette MurrayShareholder Annette Murray was featured in this article that originally appeared in Mann Publications.  

In today's real estate market, a building's financial statements are becoming increasingly important to its users. Interested parties include unit owners, board members, prospective buyers and lenders. This article identifies key questions to consider when reviewing the financial statements of a building.

The Cooperator: Keeping Your Curb Appeal

Jules Frankel  A4496678Shareholder Jules C. Frankel was featured in this article that originally appeared in The Cooperator.

"Curb appeal plays a large role in determining a property's value and it is the first thing anyone notices about your co-op or condo building. But beyond aesthetics, proper maintenance is necessary to protect residences, grounds and common areas from the elements."

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Published March 2007

The Landscape of Environmental Remediation Costs

Karen Schirmacher  A4497032Principal Karen Schirmacher, CPA, MST was featured in this article that originally appeared in The New Jersey CPA.

"I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise, what is there to defend?” said actor/activist Robert Redford in 1985. While protecting the environment was important 30 years ago, green initiatives have grabbed the spotlight more than ever, and the focus on preserving our environment has increased dramatically. Along with this increased focus has come additional federal and state environmental regulations. This heightened awareness has caused an increase in mandatory and voluntary environmental remediation efforts by businesses. Read More

The Cooperator: The Impact of Arrears

Shareholder Jules C. Frankel was featured in this article that originally appearedJules Frankel  A4496678 in The Cooperator Magazine.

"As the recession has lingered on since 2008, co-op and condo buildings  throughout the city—from luxurious downtown buildings to middle-income and lower-income walkups—have found more of their residents in arrears with their monthly fees. Some of  these people have lost jobs, and unemployment has forced them to prioritize  (and sometimes skip) their monthly bills. Credit cards and mortgage payments  often are paid first, followed by utilities and property taxes."

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Published: July 2011 

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