Investments in People Propel CPA Firm

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Managing Shareholder Edward I. Guttenplan, CPA, CGMA, MBA, surrounded by Wilkin & Guttenplan’s Partner Group. From left, Michael LoVerde, CPA, CGMA; Karen A. Schirmacher, CPA, MST; Brian D. Geissler, CPA; Carol Donatiello Iocca, CPA; Annette Murray, CPA, CVA; William J. McDevitt, CPA, CVA; H. Edward Wilkin III, CPA; Vinay S. Navani, CPA, CGMA, MBA, MST; Sefi Silverstein, CPA; Jules C. Frankel, CPA, MBA; and Deborah A. Norwicke, CPA are featured in an article that originally appeared in the NJBIZ Business Profiles: Taking an Inside Look at Business in New Jersey magazine.


Investments in People Propel CPA Firm

One firm knew from the start that the best investment a business can make to ensure success is an investment in its people. Wilkin & Guttenplan P.C. built an entire accounting and consulting firm around that philosophy. Thirty years in, the firm’s leaders can confidently report that the approach works.

Generational Viewpoints: Xers and Millennials Together

The Two Youngest Generations Find Common Ground

    Len Nitti  A496631     Tom Pederson  A4497148     Kaitlin     Liz Perry

Len Nitti, CPA, MST; Thomas Pedersen, CPA; Kaitlin Hodnicki, CPA; and Elizabeth Perry, CPA are featured in this article that appears in The Accounting Today Magazine

"This edition of Generational Viewpoints features four individuals from Wilkin & Guttenplan, an East Brunswick, N.J., firm with approximately 80 employees. We asked Generation X accountants Thomas Pedersen and Len Nitti, born in 1981 and 1974, and Millennial accountants Kaitlin Hodnicki and Elizabeth Perry, born in 1988 and 1989, the following: "How well do the Generation X and Millennial team members in your firm relate? What are the similarities and differences between your generations and how do they impact work?"

Published: July 2014


The Cooperator: Dollars & Sense

Shareholder Jules C. Frankel was featured in this article that originally appearedJules Frankel  A4496678 in The Cooperator Magazine.

"Even before the economic meltdown and the media storm swirling around the thievery of money men like Bernie Madoff, financial mismanagement and fraud have been destructive problems for many co-op and condo owners. A co-op or condo is a major investment and for many people – it is their largest investment."

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Published: February 2014

The Cooperator: Letting it Slide...

Shareholder Jules C. Frankel was featured in this article that originally appearedJules Frankel  A4496678 in The Cooperator Magazine.

"It’s the same dilemma that single-family households across the U.S. are facing:  What bills need to be paid immediately and what bills can wait? And should we  stretch ourselves thin, taking more out of our bank accounts to pay for private  schools and that desperately needed vacation? Or should we cut back on  restaurants and renovations to put more into savings? The same goes for co-op  and condo buildings. While it may be tempting to delay payment on some bills,  or delay expenditures on maintenance or needed repairs, in the long run this  may end up costing far more than we ever realized."

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Published: February 2013

The Economic Times: Missed to report a PFIC? Here's what Indian Americans can do

Shareholder Vinay S. Navani, CPA, MBA, MST Vinay 97984was featured in this article that originally appeared in The Economic Times.

(From "If you are an Indian American with investments in Indian mutual funds, the PFIC reporting is something you just cannot afford to miss. Foreign mutual funds in the US fall under the category of Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and must be reported on your income tax return in Form 8621. Form 8621 basically seeks to tax any notional, undistributed gains on your foreign mutual funds. This applies to US citizens, US residents as well as Green Card holders who have invested in foreign mutual funds."

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