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Meet Our People

There’s no better way to learn about WG than from our team. Hear what they have to say about us.

Chris Frederick, CPA

Principal – Audit Department

Work-Life Balance

Mohammed Salyani, CPA, FCCA (UK)

Shareholder – Audit Department

Management Style

Michael Mezzo, CPA, MBA

Principal – Audit Department

Big 4 vs. Midsize Size Firm

Keri Giacomelli, CPA

Manager – Audit Department

Professional Development

Karen Artasanchez, CPA, MST

Shareholder – Tax Department

Tax Department

Jimmy Montgomery, CPA

Supervisor – Tax Department

Why WG is Unique

Jenna Sanfilippo, CPA

Senior – Tax Department

From Intern to Staff

Ed Wilkin, CPA

Shareholder – Tax & Audit Department

WG Identity

Ed Guttenplan, CPA, CGMA, MBA


Culture of Transition

Darko Naumoski, CPA

Principal – Tax Department

Experienced Hire

Danielle Christensen, CPA, MAcc

Supervisor – Audit Department


Chris Saray, CPA

Manager – Audit Department

Professional Growth

Chris Frederick, CPA

Principal – Audit Department

Audit Department

WG Core Values

Our progressive approach to shared knowledge and authentic, lasting relationships enables us to proactively guide our team members to success. This ensures that employees’ work-life is enhanced and our WG core values are maintained. Find out which core value is your strongest.

Which WG Core Value Is Your Strongest?


Our Core Values

Honesty and Candor

Someone who is open and sincere in speech or expression, and also obtains truthful, trustworthy or genuine qualities.

Continual Learning

Ongoing, voluntary, and self‐motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.


Someone who overdelivers while introducing new, original ideas and demonstrates creative thinking.

Team Player

Dependable, enthusiastic, and able to collaborate effectively while giving 100% for a successful outcome.


Acts as a role model, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and advice about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support.


Takes control of a situation through passion, effective communication, honesty, and ethical behavior for a team to follow and achieve a positive outcome.

Client Committed

Goes above and beyond for the client while ensuring outstanding deliverables and a positive experience.

Community Oriented

Responsive to the needs of the communities in which we live and serve.