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Closely Held Businesses

We See the Whole Picture

WilkinGuttenplan’s expertise and breadth of services offer entrepreneurs and the owners of closely-held businesses the opportunity to achieve a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Increasing profitability
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increasing financial flexibility
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Maximizing business value
  • Leveraging the value of client relationships
  • Realizing operation savings
  • Achieving financial security

Seeing the Opportunities, Realizing the Results

Entrepreneurs have a myriad of business and financial needs. Our expertise and insight integrate the whole picture to address virtually all of a business owner’s needs. But it’s not just what we offer, it’s the approach we use to deliver outstanding value that has built lasting relationships.

We are able to do this successfully because we uniquely balance dual roles as entrepreneurs and professional advisors. This gives us a unique perspective; empathy for the challenges business owners face, as well as an appreciation for, and recognition of, opportunities to be explored and developed. We understand that many closely-held businesses don’t have a full or even part-time, Chief Financial Officer, which means our clients rely heavily on us to help them realize their business ambitions, while achieving their goals for personal financial security.

Specialized Expertise

  • Accounting Software & Systems: As certified trainers and installers of a number of leading accounting applications, we can provide you with the necessary tools and technology for effective bookkeeping, financial management, reporting, and controls.
  • Bank Financing/Negotiations: We provide more than the required financial information. Through our network of relationships, we facilitate communication with the proper decision-makers to help clients secure the financing that keeps businesses thriving and growing.

Business & Financial Advisory Services

Our consulting practice offers a full range of value-added services:

We offer so much more than simply tax return preparation! Our experts consider the people, personalities, and circumstances involved in each situation before recommending a solution. We use this creativity in addressing virtually all of our client’s tax and planning needs, including:

Edward Guttenplan

Practice Leader
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