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Tax Services

At WilkinGuttenplan, we recognize that there is a difference between filing tax returns and employing tax planning strategies. Our goal is to help our clients minimize taxes while maximizing earnings.

It is our belief that we can provide the best client service by communicating with our clients frequently so that we are aware of any changes in their business and personal lives. As a result, because of our familiarity, we are often able to identify potential tax savings opportunities.

We also recognize that the timing of tax payments can have a crucial impact on cash flow. We work closely with our clients so that tax payments, to the extent possible, can be budgeted in advance. The best tax strategy can be muted if the tax payment comes as a surprise.

Through our continuing professional education, our staff keeps up to date on any new tax laws and we communicate these changes to our clients through tax alerts that explain how these changes will affect them.

Service Offerings

Our full offering of tax services include:

Business Tax

In this ever-changing world, successful business owners must be nimble and informed. They expect their advisors to keep them abreast of changes in the tax laws that impact their world. Since taxes are one of the largest expenses that any business or business owner will incur, it’s critical to the success of the business that the owners have a team behind them to assist not only with the creation of a plan to minimize the tax burden, but the implementation as well. In many instances, such a plan spans several years and requires the technical depth to look beyond today and to incorporate the owner’s plans and goals as well as changes in the tax laws.

Our team at WG not only has the technical expertise to handle all compliance matters, but we are deeply skilled in the area of tax planning across all types of businesses including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.

  • Income and franchise tax compliance and planning
  • Voluntary consulting agreements
  • Due diligence for business acquisitions
  • Compliance with economic nexus laws after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Wayfair v. South Dakota

Individual tax planning

  • Tax Planning to minimize the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Stock option compensation planning
  • Retirement plan tax considerations

Tax returns

  • Preparation of all business and individual tax returns
  • Taxpayer advocacy at federal and state tax examinations

Client Testimonials