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Business Valuation

How Much is Your Business Worth

A complicated question—but the answer is important. Whether you’re contemplating a generational transfer, taking on a new partner or drafting a buy/sell agreement, business valuation is critical. Your business is probably one of your most significant assets, and it’s imperative that you understand its value.

Why is it Necessary to Know the Value of Your Business?

How can you benefit from a professionally prepared valuation?

  • Knowing the value of a business for succession planning helps determine the tax strategies for transferring ownership interests
  • In estate and gift tax planning, a valuation may help minimize estate and gift taxes and maximize the transfer of wealth
  • In shareholder disputes, divorce proceedings or litigation situations the appropriate valuation professionals could be key in bringing about equitable resolutions
  • A valuation is a critical component of corporate and partnership agreements in determining buy/sell and retirement provisions

The Valuation Process—An Art, Not a Science

The valuation of a business is more of an art than a science. The process is based not only on the collection and analysis of relevant facts, but also on the use of our experts’ well-developed business judgment and experience.

We view each valuation as a unique circumstance and consider a variety of factors including income generation, market conditions and the value of assets before identifying an approach or combination of approaches that is best suited to your business and the purpose of your business valuation. Our experts will work closely with you and your other advisors to ensure that the valuation meets its intended objectives.

Expertise in Determining your Organization’s Value

Through our professional knowledge, training, and extensive experience, WilkinGuttenplan’s experts have the resources that are essential to evaluating, analyzing and understanding the worth of your business. We have experience in a wide variety of industries and our clients work with a Certified Valuation Analyst throughout the process. Using our seasoned judgment, coupled with our high level of technical proficiency, we can perform the appropriate valuation for your circumstances. Trust the experts at WilkinGuttenplan to deal with both the big picture and the details involved in valuing your business.

William McDevitt

Practice Leader
PDF of Business Valuation Brochure