2015 Alerts

2015 Tax Extender Package Enacted: Summary of Individual Tax Provisions
2015 Tax Extender Package Enacted: Summary of Business Provisions
LIHTC Alert: 9% Credit Rate for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Permanently Extended
Tax Alert: Tangible Property Regulation Update - IRS Raises the Safe Harbor Threshold
International Commerce Alert: Form 6166/8802 - Certification of U.S. Tax Residency
W&G's Financial Survey Results Webinar is Now Available!
Tax Alert: 2016 Retirement Plan and Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments Announced
SALT Alert: North Carolina Enacts Several Tax Law Changes Impacting Businesses and Individuals
SALT Alert: New York City Commuter Benefits Law - How Will it Affect You?
Tax Alert: New Legislation Limits Options Available to Social Security Recipients
SALT Alert: New Hampshire Reduces Corporate Tax Rates and Establishes Tax Amnesty, Voluntary Disclosure and MTC Audits
Tax Alert: Could You Be a Victim of Tax Identity Theft?
SALT Alert: Texas Administrative Law Judge Grants Taxpayer’s Use of a Margins Tax Business Loss Carryfoward Credit Claimed on a Late Filed Return
SALT Alert: New Jersey Angel Investor Tax Credit Program Accepting Applications
SALT Alert: Louisiana Enacts Several Laws That Limit the Use of Net Operating Losses and Reduce Tax Deductions, Subtractions, and Credits
SALT Alert: Wisconsin Enacted Budget Bill Addresses Sales/Use Tax Nexus Creating Activities and Creates a Business Development Credit for Income Tax Purposes
SALT Alert: Missouri Enacts Changes to Corporate Apportionment Rules and Requires Sales Tax Notifications
Tax Alert: Highway Trust Fund Extension Law Impacts Many Due Dates for 2016 Tax Returns
Tax Alert: New Law Simplifies Reporting for Foreign Bank Accounts
SALT Alert: Nevada Imposes a New Commerce Tax on Businesses among other Tax Law Changes
SALT Alert: Summary of Connecticut Tax Changes Enacted
Tax Alert: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Fee
Tax Alert: Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Subsidies Provided by Obamacare
SALT Alert: District of Columbia Enacts Changes to Business Tax System
BEA Alert: Upcoming Deadline for Reporting Foreign Business Investments
SALT Alert: New York State is Changing Electronic Payment Services
Tax Alert: Do You Have Foreign Bank Accounts? The FBAR Deadline is Approaching!
SALT Alert: Missouri Introduces a New Three-Month Tax Amnesty Program in 2015
SALT Alert: Maryland Amnesty Program Offers Taxpayers an Opportunity to Resolve Unpaid Tax Debts
HR Alert: New Jersey Enacts “Ban the Box” Law
SALT Alert: New Jersey Taxpayers Denied Refund Claim Due to Expiration of Statute of Limitations
Tax Alert: New Jersey Use Tax Reminder
Tax Alert: Court Rules Abandonment of Securities is an Ordinary Loss
Tax Alert: IRS Provides Guidance That Mortgage Brokers Do Not Qualify As Real Estate Professionals
Tax Alert: Massachusetts Adopts Market-Based Sourcing Apportionment Regulations
Tax Alert: IRS Announces it Will Not Follow Taxpayer Friendly Ruling for Partnership Cancellation of Debt
Tax Alert: IRS Provides Some Penalty Relief for Health Coverage Reimbursement Arrangement
LIHTC Alert: 9% Credit Rate for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Extended
Tax Alert: 65 Day Rule
Tax Alert: New York Corporate Income Tax Reform
Tax Matters: Tax Implications of “Depreciation Recapture” When Selling Real Estate
Tax Alert: Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements Penalized Under the Affordable Care Act
Tax Alert: Updated IRS Form 8938 Released
Tax Alert: New Jersey Targets Out-of-State Sellers for Sales Tax Collection
LIHTC Alert: IRS Rules on Effect of Receipt of Low-Income Housing Award to S Corporations and Their Shareholders
Tax Alert: Form 1099 Reporting Reminder for Businesses
Tax Matters: Tax Implications of Debt Financed Distributions
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