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Which WG Core Value Is Your Strongest?


Our Core Values

Honesty and Cantor: Someone who is open, and sincere in speech or expression and also
obtains truthful, trustworthy or genuine qualities.

Continual Leaning: Ongoing, voluntary, and self‐motivated pursuit of knowledge for either
personal or professional reasons.

Innovative: Someone who over delivers while introducing new, original ideas and demonstrates
creative thinking.

Team Player: Dependable, enthusiastic, and able to collaborate effectively while giving 100%
for a successful outcome.

Mentor: Acts as a role model sharing knowledge, wisdom, and advise about his or her own
career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support.

Leader: Takes control of a situation through passion, effective communication, honesty, and
ethical behavior for a team to follow and achieve a positive outcome.

Client Committed: Goes above and beyond for the client while ensuring outstanding
deliverables and a positive experience.