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WilkinGuttenplan has been named the #5 Best Firm for Young Accountants by Accounting Today for 2021. Each year, Accounting Today and Best Companies Group recognize the 100 Best Firms to Work For in the U.S. — and then pick the 10 Best Firms for Young Accountants from among those, based on the responses of their younger staff to a comprehensive employee survey.

All firms on the list are members of the 2021 class of the Best Firms to Work For; to qualify for the Best Firms for Young Accountants, they needed to have at least 15 employees who were under the age of 30, or have employees under 30 constitute at least 10 percent of their total, and the response rate for employees under the age of 30 to the anonymous employee survey must be at least 40 percent. Firms were then ranked according to the average positive response rate to the survey of employees under 30.

Read the full listing here.