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International Commerce Group

At WilkinGuttenplan, we are finely tuned to the needs of our clients with operations outside the United States. We serve clients throughout the world in the areas of financial reporting, tax compliance and strategic planning.

Foreign-Owned Businesses

We advise foreign based businesses on the best way to structure their U.S. operations to minimize U.S. taxes…


Preparation of U.S. personal tax returns for individuals with non-U.S. income or assets such as foreign bank accounts…

What Businesses and Individuals Should Expect When In the U.S.

Are you considering coming to the United States to work or start a business? Or, have you recently arrived in the…

Offshore Bank Account Compliance Services

The crackdown on offshore bank accounts has been under a growing spotlight in recent years. There are frightening…

U.S. – India Practice

Today’s business environment is truly global with many of our clients taking notice of India’s rapid economic…

Vinay Navani

Practice Leader

Our International Commerce Group team.