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WilkinGuttenplan Celebrates 40 Years and Announces Future Managing Partner

Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C. (WilkinGuttenplan), a medium-sized accounting firm based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, is proud to celebrate its notable 40th anniversary – a journey filled with innovation, growth, and global impact. What began as a visionary idea has evolved into a full-service powerhouse with 150 employees across multiple states and a footprint that stretches across the globe. As the firm reflects on its transformative history, it is also excited to introduce the name of its new Managing Partner, who will assume the role in the new year.

Founded in September of 1983 by visionaries Ed Guttenplan and Ed Wilkin, WilkinGuttenplan (WG) broke the mold. Guided by the principle of doing things differently, the Eds created a firm with a culture that valued employees and fostered an environment of innovation and transformation. When asked about this vision, Ed Guttenplan said,

“We knew we wanted to create a different environment, where candid communication was valued, creativity and innovation was encouraged, and an unwavering commitment was made to the people who are part of the firm.”

With a small team and a handful of clients, the founders stepped out on a leap of faith.  Reflecting on those early years, Ed Wilkin says, “We were in the right place at the right time with a niche nobody else knew existed – the condominium association industry. We had a solid group of clients. The area’s condo construction industry was booming, and we got three or more clients weekly. We started getting other work, meeting other professionals, expanding our network, and diversifying our client base. It was a great foundation.”

Over the past four decades, WG has achieved extraordinary success by expanding its services into 12 industries, merging and acquiring other firms, launching international operations, and introducing a modern and fresh rebrand that better embodied the firm’s culture and future. Today, WilkinGuttenplan is positioned in the industry as a trusted partner and employer of choice. It has consistently delivered innovative solutions, leveraging its expertise to guide clients through complex financial landscapes. “We are delighted to celebrate 40 years of commitment to our clients, employees, and the communities we serve,” said Ed Wilkin, the firm’s co-founder. “This milestone is a testament to our team’s dedication, talent, and hard work, as well as the trust and loyalty of our clients.”

To commemorate this significant milestone, the firm is excited to announce that Daniel Fiorentino will become the new Managing Partner, effective January 1, 2024. Ed Guttenplan, the current Managing Partner, championed this generational transition plan and will remain a valued member of leadership. Dan, who started as an intern with WG in 2005, has excelled in various leadership roles within the firm. With a proven track record of driving growth and a genuine appreciation for the firm’s culture, he is poised to lead WG into a new era of success. “We are incredibly proud to celebrate 40 years,” said Ed Guttenplan. “What started as a dream has evolved into a global force that continues to drive innovation and positively impact our clients, employees, and the industry as a whole. As we reflect on our achievements, we are excited to announce Dan Fiorentino as our incoming Managing Partner.”

This is an exciting turning point in WilkinGuttenplan’s history, setting the stage for further growth and success in the years to come. The firm remains committed to remaining independent, developing its next generation of leaders, growing in the Real Estate, Life Sciences, and Technology industries, adapting to clients’ needs by offering more advisory services, and upholding its core values of honesty, innovation, and client-centricity. The legacy of WG is found in its employees, as they remain the heart of the firm. With a bold vision for the future and a history of success, WG is prepared to shape the industry for decades to come.

About WilkinGuttenplan:  Founded in 1983, WilkinGuttenplan, a medium-sized public accounting firm, serves closely held/middle market businesses and their owners, high‐net-worth individuals, technology and life sciences companies, medical/healthcare practices, a multitude of real estate entities, the sports and entertainment industry, condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations, as well as several niche markets. NJBiz has ranked WG as one of the Top 25 Accounting Firms in New Jersey and has consistently been named a Best Place to Work in New Jersey and one of the Best Accounting Firms to Work for in the United States.

To learn more about the firm’s core values and philosophy, visit the Career Center at or follow WilkinGuttenplan on social media:


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