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globe webAt Wilkin & Guttenplan, we are finely tuned to the needs of our clients with operations outside the United States. We serve clients throughout the world in the areas of attest, financial reporting, tax compliance and strategic planning.

Foreign Owned Businesses

We can advise foreign owned businesses on the best way to structure their U.S. tax operations and often serve as hands on advisors to assist them with the nuances of doing business in the U.S. We work with U.S.-based businesses to best structure their operations abroad to minimize U.S. taxes. In addition, for businesses that send executives abroad, we help to ensure that the executive is tax neutral with respect to foreign assignments. Our attest department is well versed in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which enables us to assist our clients in complying with IFRS or other foreign reporting standards. In addition, our tax department serves the multinational tax needs of both our individual and business clients by providing comprehensive tax planning to maximize the tax benefits that exist in the international tax arena.


We can assist U.S. citizens and residents who have previously unreported offshore holding under the IRS's Offshore Voluntary Compliance Program as well as guide them with complex U.S. tax reporting for such items such as foreign bank accounts, investments in foreign mutual funds and ownership of closely held foreign business entities. Our estate and trust experts can assist in protecting assets within the U.S. and abroad as well.

As an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, we have the ability to provide a truly global reach. The BDO Alliance USA relationship provides us with access to a global network of advisory services in 138 countries, with almost 55,000 people working out of 1,200 offices worldwide. We work collaboratively with BDO personnel in other countries to provide a worldwide approach to tax minimization and profit maximization.

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