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Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

You Belong Here.

To continue to build a workforce that advocates for equality, cherishes different backgrounds, and values unique perspectives while also championing our mission statement of fostering a culture of support and guidance.

Our Community Involvement

Today more than ever, a diverse and inclusive workforce is vital to the success of a company – and its employees. Diversity and inclusion fuel innovation and creativity and increase employee morale.

At WG, we actively cultivate a safe environment that encourages employees to bring their true, authentic selves to work daily. Within our firm, we embrace diversity and strive to strengthen our staff’s sense of belonging. Our primary focus is to sustain an environment where staff from all backgrounds have an equitable opportunity to thrive and succeed. We prioritize fostering a culture that values the contributions and unique perspectives of every individual. We empower our employees, place trust in them, and actively involve them in continuous efforts to enhance our workplace.

Our internal committee is committed to executing new or existing initiatives using the four components of the Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model (AIMM), including Workplace (Culture), Workforce (People), Marketplace (Clients), and Supplier & Community. The AIMM helps to evaluate the degree to which a firm follows practices in diversity and inclusion.

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